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Online Family Mediation

Life has moved online and in the last five years, we have started to do so many things via our phones. We carry out our weekly shop, banking, watch movies and even see our GP online when we are not feeling well. The world is now digital

Online mediation has many benefits and allows people to access mediation quickly and safely from where-ever they are.

Do I need to download a special app or computer program to do online mediation?

Different mediators use different applications and programs. The most popular are Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Google Hangouts.

Is online any different from in person?

This is probably one of the most frequent questions that is asked. In short, the answer is no. The mediator will take you through the same mediation process and ask the same questions. Naturally, body language is more difficult to observe, but mediators are more vigilant when conducting online mediation and will be asking you how you feel during the process to make up for this.

What happens if my internet connection is not good?

This can sometimes be a problem. If you are concerned, you can always try a test video call with a friend. If your connection is not strong enough, then you may wish to speak to a friend or family member who has a better connection. However, you will have to let them know that when you are having your mediation session, you will need to be alone in the room.

How can you do face-to-face mediation online?

It is very easy and there is nothing to worry about. All you need to do click on the link that the mediator sends you to join the zoom meeting.

Is online as successful as doing mediation in person?

In our experience, yes it is. In addition, there is no research to show that online mediation is less successful. Online mediation definitely gives better accessibility, especially for people who have mobility issues. Also, many people feel more confident and relaxed in their own homes and this helps. Going to a place that you don't know can be daunting, but sat in your favourite chair with a hot chocolate can make the process much easier. Nobody has ever said to us that mediation broke down because it was online. Generally, issues of communication are much deeper rooted.

I am worried that my ex will not be alone when he has online mediation?

This concerns many people. What happens if my ex has their new partner in the room, but just out of camera shot? The mediator explains at the beginning of the session that only they are allowed in the room they are calling from. He or she will ask each person to show the room that they are in and this can be done at any time during the mediation. The mediator will be monitoring eye movement. This very often shows if someone else is in the room. If the mediator suspects that someone has entered either person's room, the mediation will be paused or stopped.

Will you call me or will I call you?

The mediator or the admin team will send you an email with a time for your appointment. Please be ready to start, as mediators can have back to back appointments.

Is online mediation safe?

For people who have been a victim of domestic abuse or violence, online mediation is a good option. It allows you to keep your address private and the risk of intimidation is less. You are always in control and can finish the call with a press of a button (it is much easier than walking out of a room). Where there are non-molestation orders and restraining orders in place that allow mediation, online mediation is a better choice.

How do you do shuttle mediation online?

It is simple! There is no complex technology involved, as many people think. the mediator will connect with one person, talk with them (normally for about 15 minutes) during which the mediator will make notes of proposals and topics for discussion. The mediator will then ask them to have a break of about 15 minutes while the mediator speaks to the other person. This is then repeated during the mediation session. The only thing we ask is that during your break you don't go off and leave your phone or whatever device you are using (the break may be shorter) or discuss the case. Mediation is a confidential process.

Can I record the mediation on my phone?

No recordings are now allowed! Many people ask this, because they don't want to forget what is happening. However, the mediator will be taking notes throughout the session, which you will receive a few days after. The Agreement to mediate which will be sent to you for reading, clearly states that you cannot record the session in anyway. Your mediator will ask you to sign this agreement. If you are found to be recording it, the mediator will terminate the session immediately and will issue the mediation certificate. All discussions in mediation are legally privileged, so no one can refer to anything said in mediation during a court case.

How quickly can I get an online mediation appointment?

Online appointments are much quicker than an appointment at one of our venues. You should usually be able to get an appointment within a few days.Please contact our office on 01273 694 661 to arrange your appointment.

Will you make sure that my ex does not see my email address?

Yes, we will always ensure that your email addresses are not disclosed. The mediator and our admin team will generally email both of you at the same time, but you will receive individual emails, so there is no risk of your email address being disclosed by accident. You will also be asked in your Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) if you wish to keep your contact details confidential.

How much does online mediation cost?

Online mediation is the same cost as mediation in person. Many people ask why this is. In short, the mediator will spend the same amount of time online as they would in person. The same questions will be asked online as they would be in person. Our admin team also gives you the same level of support in arranging your appointment.

I don't have a computer or mobile phone that supports video calls?

This can make online appointments a bit difficult. You may wish to speak to family or friends about using their computer or mobile. However, remember that when making the call you will need to be alone. If you do decide to do this, make sure you can use the equipment.

Where should I be when I have the online mediation?

This is your choice. However, it needs to be somewhere private, where you can speak without being overheard. You also need to be alone.

Can my children be with me when I am doing online mediation?

If you are a full-time parent, it can be difficult to have an hour free to do your mediation. We generally ask parents to try and find a friend, neighbour, or family member to be with the children. This allows you to concentrate on trying to find a solution to the problems that you and your ex are facing. If your children are old enough to be in a room by themselves, it is important to make sure that they can't over hear your conversations. Mediation is for adults only and the subject content is not suitable for children. By ensuring that your children cannot hear, you are protecting them emotionally.

How can I share financial documents in mediation?

This question particularly applies to financial cases where there usually has to be an exchange of documents i.e. bank statements, credit card bills, pension statements etc. The mediator usually asks you to send documents before the meeting, so they can also familiarise themselves with them as well. It is best to scan documents, but if you don't have a scanner, you can use the camera on your phone to take photos. However, do make sure that the photos are clear. In addition to this, if you have a smart phone, you can download a scanner. There are a number of free applications. 

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