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Family Mediation Week - Emily Morris - the child's perspective


3 Top Tips for Separating Parents – from someone speaking from experience

Emily gives her perspective on her parents' divorce and how she recommends a child centred approach from others.

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Family Mediation Week - Ruth Smallacombe, Family Mediator


My parents’ separation would have been less upsetting for everyone if my parents had known about mediation.

Ruth Smallacombe describes her role and approach to Family Mediation.

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Family Mediation Week - Sue Atkins, Parenting Coach


Providing a Safer Place

Sue Atkins decsribes helping a couple who are divorcing to handle the new roles that both these parents now face whilst going through the transition.

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Family Mediation Week, Day 2 - A Safer Space

Today’s theme is ‘A Safer Space’, looking not only at the safe space we offer in the mediation room, but also the safer space that home can become once the conflict is resolved.

Our video today was created in partnership with charity Voices in the Middle, and features a poem based on lines contributed by young people describing what it feels like to be shouted at. if you would like to connect with them.

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