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Family Mediation Week - A Range of Positive Comments


Some positive experiences of mediation

Here are a range of positive comments from former family mediation clients from around the country. The services who provided the quotes are not being listed publicly, to help preserve the anonymity of the clients, but we are extremely grateful to the mediators who shared their positive comments.

The following quotes are all from real clients who wanted to let their FMA mediators know what family mediation was like for them – with thanks to the services who shared their positive comments with us.

“Wonderful result. Very good job, thank goodness there are people like you who will work so hard for a hopefully happy ending in a very bad situation”

“Thank you – we’ve made more progress in the last 90 minutes than two years of solicitors”

“We had been dreading this, so we kept putting it off, but you have made it all a really positive process!”

“I could not praise the mediators enough for their understanding in the way they dealt with matters; they gave us a starting point and helped us reach a decision”

Thank you again for working so constructively with us, providing that safe place to share our feelings, listening to both sides and, above all, highlighting all the positive aspects of our situation which seem to have been buried for so long.

“Everyone told us that the alternative to mediation would be so much worse and we certainly wouldn’t still be talking to each other by now if it now if it had not been for your mediation service.”

“The mediator managed to steer us through the muddy waters and disentangle our financial matters by sticking to a structured programme that focused on the task at hand. I do not think we would have been able to achieve the results we did without mediation.”

“We needed to learn to co-parent our children”

“Thank you so much for helping us through the mediation process and getting us to an agreement without too much blood being shed.”

“Although it’s taken nearly a year, we couldn’t have reached this position at all without your guidance, skills and vast experience. I am deeply grateful.”

“I was impressed by the process and particularly by the empathy, professionalism and tenacity of the mediators. There is no question that without attending this process progress could not have been without considerable cost and acrimony.”

“Mediation allows both parties to have some control over their destinies and to be part of the decision making. Going to court means you are giving that power over to the Judge and the outcome may or may NOT be in your favour. Mediation is recommended if you are prepared to compromise and do your homework. I think if you have children then it is particularly helpful as they are always at the heart of one’s motivation for persevering. No child will ever be in favour of their parents battling it out in court.”

“Thank you for all your efforts; it was hard emotionally but in the long run it was worth it. The situation between us is now settled.”

“We didn’t realize we could decide so much for ourselves.”

“It was all so very calm and civilised and significantly helped to reduce the pain and the stress of a difficult situation. It also made the likelihood of the two estranged partners remaining friends after the split that much more likely.”

“ It made an uncomfortable situation easier to deal with and resolved things we would not have been able to deal with between ourselves.”

“Knowledge combined with empathy, total fairness, instinctive recognition of and respect for boundaries.”

“ I would like to express my immense gratitude for the help given and the transforming effect that the help has had on my relationship. I could certainly not have imagined prior to mediation that we would be able to hold a constructive and civil conversation. My daughter is of course the true beneficiary of all this.”

“Although it is a ‘legal environment’ the discussions were such that matters could be dealt with amicably and it was stressed that either one of us was able to leave at any point and hold discussions separately.”

“I found it a better approach rather than the partner receiving solicitor’s correspondence which they might misinterpret and become difficult. It is also beneficial cost-wise as it is more encouraging to help couples sort things out without added pressures.”

“All matters were dealt with in a very caring, calm and efficient way.”

“The whole experience was extremely helpful. I’m sure that if we had used the mediation service earlier my solicitor’s fees would have been reduced by far more than the cost of mediation.”

“I found the service offered outstandingly supportive, friendly and kind.”

“The mediator was lovely and put me at ease quickly, whilst remaining professional throughout.”

“Mediation should, I believe, be mandatory for any couple contemplating divorce; very cost-effective I terms of reduction of cost of court proceedings.”

“The no-pressure, informal yet fair and accurate nature of the meetings made them extremely easy and constructive. I was able to talk openly without feeling I was being judged. There was always so much advice and encouragement available. Excellent.”

“I found that mediation was cost effective, professional and independent. Although there was a lot of disagreement in our case over a small amount of money, the mediation staff were always extremely helpful, supportive and informative.”

“Apart from the costs benefits, mediation helps people see each other still as people, not through isolating and hostile letters.”

“I wanted to thank you for all your professional skills and sensitive approach to the proceedings, both of which help to ease my uneasiness and pain surrounding the situation. I found there to be a balance at all times between letting us have our say and express emotional issues, yet prevention from straying too far from relevance and point. All instigated, I feel, by your excellent negotiating skills.

“I have often thought when I have sat in the session how exhausting it must be for the staff to see people at their worst or most vulnerable day in and out, to see something which began with such hope and commitment reduced to ‘figures’ and ‘entitlement’. Should this ever be the case, rest assured that the service you provide takes a lot of stress out of an otherwise hideous situation and there are those of us who are most grateful for this. Should anyone I know ever find themselves in the same unfortunate position as me, although I truly hope not, I would not hesitate to recommend they pursue mediation as their first point of action.”

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